History & Culture

A rich history. A promising future.

Archaeological excavations indicate that Alaska Natives have occupied the Chugach region for thousands of years, from the last ice age, when Prince William Sound was still largely covered by glaciers. Natives of our region were the first to meet the European explorer Vitus Bering, who came to Alaska at Kayak Island in 1741 under the Russian flag. Since the founding of Fort Saint Constantine at Nuchek Village in 1793, Russian culture has played an important role in Chugach history. Famous Spanish, English and American explorers have also left their mark on the region. During the Early American period, the region’s mineral and fisheries wealth attracted immigrants from all corners of the globe.

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)

Because of our roots in ANCSA, our responsibility to our shareholders goes beyond the bottom line. The impact of Alaska’s Native corporations cannot be measured in dollars alone. We are constantly working to provide opportunities for our shareholders and their families and communities. From cultural camps and language preservation programs to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and regional economic development, every day we are reinvesting in our people and their future.

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